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That violence is more natural than physical attraction? All agree that there is no accountability and that someone has to "police the police" because the ratings bestowed on a movie can mean life or death at the box office. All of the directors, however, come off as quite genuine and interesting people.

Jan 27 '15 at Throughout the film, former raters, a former chairman, first amendment attorneys and film critics weigh in on the credibility, merit and necessity of such a censorship committee. Lesbian series 2017. Right now this movie has been released for sale but you go into a best buy or a circuit city and they don't even have it listed. This film is not yet rated nude. Teen, 15 years old Written by Ypseru March 15, Two heterosexuals naked in the missionary position? Needless to say, after seeing it, I now know why Blockbuster isn't carrying it and understand why they will never carry it.

The system is better then flat out censor but an NC rating is the kiss of death for any movie. This film is a couple years old, and I don't know what took me so long to get around to seeing it because it examines one of my biggest pet peeves involving the film industry - namely the MPAA Ratings Board and the double standards by which it rates the movies we see. Ignorance, fear and complacency are among its most valuable resources. The film is at its weakest when it follows this trio on stakeouts and provides background about their personal lives.

Ever been curious about the American film rating system? But they too are required not to disclose information on the appeal decision process. Although the MPAA ratings were allegedly created as a way of heading off government censorship, some say that has always been a ruse -- and, besides, a government system would actually require rules, documentation, transparency, accountability and due process. The VHS tape for rent at the chain stores is rated R Parents, by the rating, are alerted to be very careful about the attendance of their under-teenage children.

Read my mind 2. Lesbian g string. What's so difficult in doing any one of the following: It points out the various content and elements of films attributed to their ratings and contains lots of extremely graphic material. Its taking over our lives. Has excerpts from other NC movies but nothing to bad.

As a film buff this film already had my interest long before I saw it. I just wanted to offer some examples. Many of the rater's kids have long since grown into their twenties and thirties. Based on 19 reviews. Some nudity This movie interviews several directors, and I think actors I don't quite remember of movies that have been rated NC A photo posted by Kevin Smith thatkevinsmith on Apr 18, at The best answer is PG was instituted in as a response to some PG films that some parents felt went too far in content; but that did not have quite enough content to earn an R.

Could be, but he has plenty of it.

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The film rating system in this country is governed by a secret panel created by the major film studios more than 35 years ago.

As 'common sense' said this film is not intended for children. The ratings board is supposed to be comprised of "parents" -- but hardly any have children under 18, which is the only age group to whom the ratings apply. Black girl lesbian tube. Kid, 11 years old August 4, There are many sex seens but they are used to rub it in to the MPAA. There are some very interesting issues in this documentary and I learned a lot about the MPAA and how difficult it is for the indie film makers.

That sane and rational people can't tell the difference between fictitious violence on the screen and actual acts of violence? Read my mind 2. This film is not yet rated nude. The board members were sitting in judgment of a film that would no doubt be getting the last word. Features Online Features Columns Topics. These days, though, I have a four-year-old daughter, and while I'd like to protect and shelter her from ugliness until at least the moment I meet my maker, I am pretty sure that's not going to happen, so my interest in ratings has been piqued of late.

I had hoped for more humiliating tactics microphones shoved in faces, catcalls, sniper fire, etc. The MPAA today, of course, is more about anti-piracy and copyright violations, and there is little sympathy for movies as a craft. Actress nude sex videos. Of course, you're better off if your film is endorsed by a major studio.

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You've got to salute their perseverance, all to get to the results of unravelling the mystery being those secret raters of movies, and those on the Appeals board that filmmakers can go to for redress. I'm not an expert, but does it really take an investigator a whole month to get several names?

The documentary is about the NC rating primarily, and the people and groups fighting against it. Informizely customer feedback surveys. The best media for your family, hand-picked by our editors. Spend any time investigating the content of PG, R and NC movies and you will likely find yourself shaking your head at what constitutes NC Since the Hays Code, filmmakers have had a lot more freedom over the content of their films. It shows these moments in an amusing light, but they really are not that funny.

Much of what ends up going on with filmmakers's battles with the MPAA to get their R and indeed the difference between millions of dollars in grosses instead of an NC is staggering. The F-word is likely to get you an R rating unless you use it just once. So bring your kids! Rigidly, stubbornly, he clings to the wisdom of those whose sole qualification is the lack of foresight to use birth control.

Some may say that the content regardless of what is used for is inappropriate therefore this movie is, while others may recognize the intellectual value of this film and allow their child to watch it for the sake of knowledge.

Essentially, this is a group of eight to twelve anonymous individuals whose value judgments are impacting how films are made, marketed, and distributed. Lesbian movie sex clips. As well, his side-by-side comparisons of similar films, one receiving an R rating and the other an NC, is illustrative of the particular biases present on the ratings board. It is VERY controversial and shows clips that would scar children's minds and even some adults.

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