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Dynamite, Rivalries and the "O". Nude women military. Just a pet peeve of mine, no offense meant.

We have an abnormal heat wave, are suddenly without our cherished Trail Blazers and we can legally consume recreational marijuana. Many of the ladies get painted on site by Kathleen or Diana or some of the other body painters, but lots of others chose to have their body paintings done by friends or family. Selling water, strawberries and weed brownies at the side of Route Mexican food, Jack Nicholson and a Judge. Oregon country fair nude. Not sure if the crowds are just growing year after year or the company you take make a big difference Bands, shamans, and puppeteers perform at 18 venues scattered throughout the grounds, or on the sides of dirt paths.

The festival itself is also a godsend to the local economy. Our little art at the vineyard is just about perfect IMO. As for the titties, a great many of them are very nice.

Map to Oregon Country Fair. The gates open at This is actually a pretty good arguement I heard the other day when someone was talking shit about OCF. Corrie loftin naked. Once in the fair it is rather tame unless you get stoned out of your mind. Maybe those folks don't live in downtown Eugene, but there are plenty of them within the city limits. Chinese dragons often form the core of the parade, while numerous dancers, cheerleaders and clowns precede or follow the sinuous creature. I think you need to, like, broaden your horizons and take in the, um I heard it was fun, I went once to check it out, I did not have fun.

Eugene activities thread Valid answer to: Don't go there to see titties, they are gross. Inside the ruddy, wooden walls of the sauna, a woman stands at a booth selling Castile soap and shampoo squirts. Our annual concert at San Francisco's most successful halfway house is always a huge thrill.

Mirror Man - OCF If you think you aren't surrounded by conservatives when you are at the OCF, you are delusional. We played two sets before the Giants game. There are booths that sell almost anything related to cannibis use and organic living in general. In the large, grassy areas, there are stages set up for musical performances and other acts.

Fitness Adventures with Julie! Just stating my opinion in a discussion of opinions.

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You can also find spoken political speech, demonstrations of fire-making using primitive methods, children's tales, puppet shows, belly dancing at the Gypsy Stage, free-form musical performances, buskers, energy exhibits, and a plethora of other entertainments.

Anyway, here is a cool vid of the Ritz sauna.

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Exuberant Elf- OCF HinesSight Powered by Typepad. Make sure to have comfortable shoes. Never before seen big tits jasmin. My buddy and I bribed a camp ground host to camp with the workers. That means you can leave your car in the city and simply take a bus to the fair and back. Visiting or Moving to Eugene? If you don't know Moonalice and want a quick introduction to our music, this show is as good as you will find.

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I'm not sure I ever got over the "that's a penis! I was specifically commenting on your remark about "we have somehow convinced ourselves that we just naturally stink. How bout get your head out of your ass and stop being so fuckin conceited. Eugene's awesome aviation history. Oregon country fair nude. I wished we had an old VW bus to drive there, but had to settle for our Hybrid Highlander less cool, but not nearly so prone to break down.

Some day we may reach burning man mode, where the population is topped out and day passes are subject to some sort of lottery or vetting process. Milf blowjob swallow. I am not really talking about non-bathers, but the mainstream, deodorant, laundry freshener, hair product and possibly cologne people. They're there for the stages, which are almost all musical performances. Someday I want to take a recorder and these little binaural microphones I have that stick in your ears, and just walk around the fair with them in.

Just stating my opinion in a discussion of opinions. Nonetheless, it's a great way to get into the spirit of the fair.

Imagine Yourself - OCF Is that rule actually enforced? I mean, come on people, most hand-made items will outlast a store-bought item by years and years! Also, it says on the website that fires are not allowed in the camping spaces.

I don't go very often because it is hot, crowded and a bit pricy, but when I go, I am always glad I did. I spent a week in Key West at Fantasy Fest and I can assure you at the end of the week your reation tends to be 'eh, boobs'. As for what it's like: Honestly the only cure is for everyone to go topless.

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Will I see you there? I had a couple of bad experiences there before with the food, but perhaps that was karma. Does the location or event look inaccurate to you? The musical acts feature many genres, including: In the large, grassy areas, there are stages set up for musical performances and other acts. Bald pussy filled with cum. Do you have enough fiber in your diet? I went ONCE, and the creeps oogling the women grossed me out. There will be drugs there, but when you are in a packed crowd, full of people in costume, public performance, it is difficult to tell.

Can you really not handle any criticism of things you like? Is Gray the New Sexy? Those early fairgoers and volunteers brought friends and their families, with second and third generations continuing to attend and work each summer. Www black lesbian porn Quirky parades snake through the winding fair paths.

Login or register to post comments. Oregon country fair nude. The OCF and Eugene Celebration are the two events that really feel like a bonding experience with the people of my town and I always come away feeling a little more comfortable and at home.

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Kathy bates nude photos Ever since shutting down Secret House's camping proposal for those not privileged enough to get into the fair camps, they lost all my respect and the respect of many Burners.
Reshma nude fucking videos He and Emily are part of a group that are going to switch from rainbows to galaxies as the fair continues. Hope you had fun there this year! Do you have any documentation of that?
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