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Most exciting episode so far if you ask me, and the first time I was left wanting to know what happens next at the end of it.

R There's your real love triangle. Natasha Henstridge born August 15, is a Canadian model and actress who first became famous for her role as frequently naked human-alien hybrid Sil in the very successful film Species.

Berlanti just loves to kill off characters when he runs out of ideas. Milf escort san francisco. She's not even on that show yet they had to remind he audience just how gosh darn amazing that Felicity is! I think he's perfect for this kind of ensemble, though.

Idk if she was reserved or something but it was strange to me. Without episode 3 I probably would've stopped watching already. Falk hentschel naked. I got the sense that the episode was evenly divided between the groups and in each group segment at least one or two were able to shine.

Unfortunately ensemble this big is not working for show's favor. She promised she wouldn't come here to spy on us lmao. Stunningly beautiful in the flesh though. It was a bummer in the end when Sara didn't really stab that guy 20 times but at least Rip sliced a throat open. They're still the third highest rated show on the network, but barely. Girl disney stars naked. The hawk people leave me cold, but they do seem rather central to the entire plot, given who the big bad is.

But it's okay since the audience is not particularly demanding. I think they've both done a good job of portraying a complicated sibling relationship that nevertheless transcends whatever they've put each other through.

No one holds her sins or improper acts against her. Routh, the old guy, and Wenty are fine. Once they defeat Vandal Savage then what? Tumblr is stupid, that's why Coldflash became so popular, just like they did with Olicity.

Wentworth's Eartha Kitt impression is flawless. The show really is kind of a sausage fest, I like the cast but it's probably at least one of the reasons why they're likely to get Vixen along with Alan Scott next year, if only because there's no one for any of the other guys to hook up with.

And yeah yeah, we're talking about a teen show here and since I'm over 30 I'm certainly not in the target group anymore. It's hard to imagine that all DC comics fans are happy about the quality of his DC shows. Arrow's and Legends' relationships seem to be all about giving nods to the fans which just comes off so wrong.

I guess you don't watch Arrow or Flash. My guess is that with Victor Garber, Wentworth Miller, Dominic Purcell and Brandon Routh on board and with how expensive the show is to produce, they were looking to keep salaries low wherever they could and hired a few nobodies to lessen the salary load. I figured 'stan' was just an auto-correct fail for 'fan'

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But I'm a guy who enjoys Shadowhunters so I'm certainly not above teen shows. Cara mia naked. She was like "what intimate scenes have we had so far?! The dude can't act for shit. Maybe cuz on the Flash he was not a regular so I didn't have to see him in every episode.

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I enjoy The Flash, it's not my favorite show but I do like it. Falk hentschel naked. I was just sitting there with a vacuum. I think it's a smart move if so. I hope they cover some new ground. R I agree with everything you said. He's doing something new and interesting with the role while still keeping his core personality and basic plot elements. Nude and sex pics. The only one that comes close is Caity Lotz. I just want to be inside Brandon Routh quite deeply. Does the existence of Connor mean that John Diggle can't be in the mysterious grave from all these flashforwards this season?

I'm at the moment watching the recent episode but I've already fastforwarded through half of it. The formula is clear. Sometimes it seems that they cast ppl they know personally or something among those lines, you know. The convention finished at 6pm, John Barrowman saw us all off, and I got my Katie auto by 6: The latest episode seems a bit strange.

Are there any gay characters? A really short stick, with a face only a mother could love, and then only half a face at a time, because the two sides of his are completely different. We could have had a main lesbian duo with Sara and whoever else. It's the same thing with Avengers movies. Sexy girls in bodystockings. But the most fun was the stoned White Canary! In the comics, Katar Hol and Carter Hall somehow coexisted at one point. Only Barry went to see Oliver after Laurel's funeral. R Sara has a lady love interest coming up in S1.

R, I agree and LOLed. The fanboys can wank off on her pics or other projects if they miss her big ass so much.

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Nude women fishing She can't really go back here, can she.
Sexy milf swallows Or will he do both shows? Can't compete on any level, not acting, fight scenes, plot, none of it is as Daredevil, not to mention any action show.
Charisma carpenter milf R Vixen is probably heading over to Legends next year, and maybe Connor Hawke according to the actor who played him.

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